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Cloud security logo

The cloud security logo is perfect if you need a logo for the web, online security-oriented project.

The cloud security logo elements show company attention for unrivaled real-time data protection when accessing cloud services, websites and private applications from anywhere and from any device.

Cloud security logo template black and white version

Black сloud security logo on white background preview.

Cloud security logo template white and black version

White сloud security logo on black background preview.

Cloud security logo template color version

Yellow сloud security logo on green background preview.

The fears of some companies regarding cloud technologies are explained by the fact that clouds appeared on the market relatively recently by the standards of a traditional business. Accordingly, there are a number of myths explained by the lack of awareness of customers about the nature of cloud services and the presence of a large amount of not entirely reliable information.

With the right approach, a good understanding of the technology and a balanced choice of the provider, cloud services can provide greater reliability and security than the existing infrastructure in the company.

To better manage your risks, you need to re-equip security software components such as data protection, threat protection, and compliance for the modern cloud and mobile world where efficiency and productivity are more important than ever.

The cloud security logo is suitable for companies that deal with the ever-growing challenges of managing cloud data and protecting sensitive data from loss and impact in both managed and unmanaged cloud services and web traffic.

Many first-generation security products are ineffective in the modern world of cloud and mobile technology. Although these investments made sense at the time of their acquisition, the changing landscape of IT forces security teams to update their existing tools with more advanced features developed in the modern world.

An additional layer of security is critical to protecting customers from confidential data leakage, cloud threats, and risks associated with an incompatible behavior.

The cloud of security logo symbolizes cloud, network and information security, the necessary balance of protection and speed, which is necessary to ensure the security of digital transformations in companies.

A minimal and professional lion logo design created by the MyLogoHouse team. Download the cloud security logo design for free at mylogohouse.com.

In source files you will find logo in color, in black and white and in white and black with text and without. All elements are editable and customizable. Here’s the files included in the package: ai (illustrator CC) .eps (illustrator 10), .svg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .txt (links to the free fonts). The font used it’s Unica One (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Unica+One).

Description of cloud security logo design template

The cloud security logo is ideal for companies that help the largest enterprises in the world ensure a safe journey to the cloud.



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That's a very elegant logo.

Laura Gilbert | 5.0 stars


Awesome guys! Very nice logo! Well done!

Jim Allison | 5.0 stars


Wow, perfect look and clean logo. Great work!

Connor Webb | 5.0 stars


Nice work! well done.

David Jennings | 5.0 stars