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Restaurant logo design

The opening of the restaurant can be compared with the preparation of a recipe. And one of the recipe points is the creation of the logo of your restaurant.

The restaurant logo is as important as the delicious food served in it. We see hundreds and even thousands of different logo designs on business cards, banners, and even on TV. Perhaps that is why it is so necessary because if the logo does not correspond to the institution, you can't expect customers.

Restaurant logo design template black and white version

Black restaurant logo design on white background preview.

Restaurant logo design template white and black version

White restaurant logo design on black background preview.

Restaurant logo design template color version

Emerald color restaurant logo design on blue stone color background preview.

The logo is able to make your restaurant unique, as the secret ingredients of gourmet chefs are its signature dish. What does a restaurant logo usually look like? Most often, when creating, they use images of forks, knives, and other kitchen utensils. It is very popular to add a cook hat pattern and pictures of kitchen equipment.

The logo is a special spice in the preparation of corporate identity. Like other seasonings, it should be in moderation, and it should give the corporate identity a special taste.

If we talk about colors, then for the restaurant logo it is worth choosing not too bright colors. In this case, the natural colors of foods look best: muted red, various shades of yellow, green, and brown, as well as classic black. The creative logo of the restaurant is one of the important components of the future success of your establishment. Impeccable service, a balanced menu, and a great atmosphere are good, but a successful restaurant is often recognized even before it is visited - by the logo.

The restaurant logo is what customers remember. Placed on business cards, booklets, banners, dishes, clothes, or a website, from the first seconds of the demonstration it is able to declare your establishment as a worthy place. Or vice versa - scare away potential customers if it turns out to be of poor quality or simply does not match your restaurant.

The logo of the restaurant is not just a sign that hangs above it. This is a visual presentation that makes your establishment unique! With an attractive, professional, intriguing logo, you can stop a pedestrian or driver driving past your restaurant and make him open your door and enter.

Great professional restaurant logo design created by the MyLogoHouse team. Download the restaurant logo absolutely free on mylogohouse.com and make a good impression on your customers!

In source files you will find the vector version of logo in color, in black and white and in white and black with text and without. All elements are editable and customizable. Here’s the files included in the package: ai (illustrator CC) .eps (illustrator 10), .svg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .txt (links to the free fonts). The fonts used are Domine (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Domine?query=Domine) and Noto Sans (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Noto+Sans).

Description of restaurant logo design design template.

The logo is suitable for resraurants, food delivery serveices or catering.



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Font 2

Noto Sans





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So good!

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Really love this. Great concept and execution.

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Oh that's nice restaurant logo! Looks great!

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Looks awesome

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