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Sound wave logo.

Are you a music artist or do you have your own band? Opened a sound studio or a music website? Then you definitely need a logo, which will represent your music direction.

Sounds surround us everywhere. We learned to transmit them over great distances, to extract from all kinds of instruments and enjoy the music. According to one form of the logo, it is clear that the brand is about music.

Sound wave logo design template black and white version

Black Sound wave logo design on white background preview.

Sound wave logo design template white and black version

White Sound wave logo design on black background preview.

Sound wave logo design template color version

Bright Turquoise color sound wave logo design on Blue Ribbon color background preview.

When we creating a sound wave logo, our team used thematic elements like musical notation signs, accessories related to music, sound waves.

Each genre of music is unique, each instrument sounds unique. Various combinations of seven notes can not only affect the mood but also call the listener to specific actions. Music has something in common with business branding.

Good quality logo can radically stand out from others, but all of them can influence the target audience, inspire confidence in your business. The brand logo for a musical group, school, store, festival, channel, as well as a recording studio and label, cannot be commonplace, because they must present music art.

You are fully free to experiment with the shapes and colors so the logo fits into the overall creative atmosphere.

What colors are best used when designing a corporate identity? We recommend black and white, and we also select the bright turquoise color for this logo, but you can choose color pallet which more consistent for your future brand. In general, there are no special restrictions. The main thing, as when creating music, is to observe a sense of proportion and taste.

The color of the musical logo can be absolutely any, but try to combine the energetics of the colors on the logo with the genre of music that you perform, and also focus on your target audience. Naturally, you should take into account the specifics of your case.

A suitable logo will help the target audience appreciate the professionalism and seriousness of your hobby or business, and also show that you are not alien to the sense of beauty.

In source files you will find diamond logo in color, in black and white and in white and black with text and without. All elements are editable and customizable. Here’s the files included in the package: ai (illustrator CC) .eps (illustrator 10), .svg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .txt (links to the free fonts). The font used is Nunito (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Nunito).

Download the sound wave logo for free at mylogohouse.com and make a good impression on your customers!

Description of sound wave logo design template

The sound wave logo for a music site, recording studio, group or artist is the very note that makes a hit from a set of sounds. He will color your business or hobby with the necessary tonality, tell the audience or clients about your professionalism and sense of beauty.



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