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Lion logo design

Lions are often guests in logos. Especially when it comes to heraldry. We presented a version of a lion logo design created by mylogohouse team, and we happy to share it with you for free.

Lion logo design is perfect if you need animal logos, zoo logos, mascot logos or manes. You can find a lot of different variations of lion emblem on the internet, but our motive is a majestic and strong beast.

Lion logo design template black and white version

Black lion logo design on white background preview.

Lion logo design template white and black version

White lion logo design on black background preview.

Lion logo design template color version

Yellow lion logo design on green background preview.

Logos in the form of animals, especially lions and other predatory cats, are very popular. Such logos are well remembered and identified with their brand and are also associated with strength and energy. The presence of a lion in the logo is also associated with power and position. It is not for nothing that the image of a lion is often found on emblems and other heraldic signs.

Leo is the king of animals, a proud and beautiful animal, personifying dignity and power. It takes its roots in the distant past when the beast was a heraldic animal and was depicted on the arms of famous clans.

Lions emblem can be seen on the arms of many countries, for example, on the coat of arms of England. Widely used logo with the image of a lion in the crown of football teams and other sports companies.

This symbol used in the logo of the Peugeot concern for over 200 years. Such an image personifies the strength and balance of long-term existence. “The lion goes from power to power” is the motto of the modern company logo with the image of an animal standing on its hind legs on a blue quadrangular shield and casting a black shadow. The growling lion's head, enclosed in a circle of film, is the famous logo of the American company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). It can be seen before the start of many thousands of famous films. This image has become, in fact, the logo of all of Hollywood.

The main colors that are used in such a logo are most often red, yellow and orange. We choose a selective yellow color. You can change the color of this logo to any. Start editing a lion logo design template for your business or team. Strong and professional lion logo design created by MyLogoHouse team. Download absolutely free lion logo source files on mylogohouse website and impress your customers.

In source files you will find logo in color, in black and white and in white and black with text and without. All elements are editable and customizable. Here’s the files included in the package: ai (illustrator CC) .eps (illustrator 10), .svg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .txt (links to the free fonts). The font used it’s Bitter (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Bitter).

Description of Lion logo design template

Lion logo can be used in the areas of finance, investment, accounting, financial planning or a company engaged in sales, marketing, education, and graphic design.



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This is great.

Timon A. | 5.0 stars


Hey! Love this lion logo!

Tomas E. | 5.0 stars


So beautiful logo design! What a color!

Pawel O. | 5.0 stars


Great logo design! I'm really like to see your design creativity.

Anastasia M. | 5.0 stars